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Van de Hippe kip Annabell Lalli Doll

We are so happy to intreduce our new future queen Annabel she is our first lynx bicolor.
She is born on 12-10-2023 in a friend cattery, thank you Agata we can place her in our Cattery.
She has lovely parents and grandparents she will fit well in our bloodlines.
Father Blue bicolor Azure eyes Sweet Haribo
Mother Seal lynx bicolor Mirabella Lalli Doll
we will enjoy to see her devolepment to grow in to a beautifull Queen.
if she is old enough she will be tested also on echo.

Father Sweet Haribo

Mother Mirabella

Our sweet girl Annabel

NL*Van de Hippe Kip Paris

This blue bicolor girl is born in our Cattery on 18-7-2023
father Supreme Champion Valentino Lalli Doll Blue Bicolor
mother National winner ’22 grand international champion My Butterfly New Nairobi Junior winner
seal bicolor. we keep her for her sweet looks and beautiful eye and eye color and the sweet temper.
also her DNA is taken and we waiting for the results. on the age of 1 she will get also her ultra sound check up for HCM PKD and CIN. We hope to pair her with China Boy

Father Valentino

CN*Van de Hippe Kip Lishuai Send from China

We are so happy to get this great blue bicolor boy from China he was born on 1-5-2023 in Shenyang.
He is big strong beautiful profile and good blue eyes love his looks. Thank you Li for this beauty His CN*father Lishuai Fafa blue bicolor and mother USA* Divine land Kiara of Lishuai
His DNA test is done we are waiting for the results for the ultrasound he must be 1 year
We are exited to take him to show look what theythink about him.
We hope to see his first kittens in 2024

Father Fafa

Mother Kiara

and here our China Boy

His first fotoshoot at 6 months

NL*Cherry pom van de Hippe kip

Cherry is born in our Cattery 28-8-2022
she is a blue bicolor girl
Mother is Blue bicolor Lil’Magics Edina from sweden
Father is seal mitted My Epic Endless Love from Belgium
cherry is a sweet girl with a long body and good profile.
she loves to cuddle and hugg and sometimes give kisses to
Cherry pom will be tested when she is old enough.

Mother Lil’Magics Edina

Champion My Epic Endless Love

NL*van de Hippe kip Mercedes

Mercedes Seal Mitted Ragdoll girl stay in the Cattery i think she is special and have a great look.
exited to follow her grow. the only mitted girl in the Cattery
Mother: My Butterfly New Nairobi Junior Winner
Father: Champion My Epic Endless Love
if she is old enough she will be tested.

Mother My Butterfly new Nairobi Junior Winner
Father Champion My Epic Endless Love
Mercedes seal Mitted like her father but with the expresion off her mom
My Girl Van de Hippe Kip Mercedes seal mitted

* Show

first show Colchester England 2 x exl 1 and BIV over all

BIV over All

Court Saint Etienne Belgie 2x exl 1 2x BIV over All 2X NOM BIS and BIS

Chomutov Tsjechie 2 x nom bis and 1 x BIS

Kloten Switserland 2x NOM BIS

CZ*van de Hippe kip’s Gandalf Bright Crystall

This big sweet and soft fluffball is our new feauture king we love him,
he has the sweetest ragdoll temper.Thank you dear Michaela for this sweet boy.
His name is Gandalf we will see what this great wizard will bring in the future.
Father: National winner “18 Champion Jeffry Bright Crystall Junior winner seal bicolor from Czech Republic
Mother: International champion Valentine Marlcreek Blue mitted from Canada
if he is old enough he will be tested .

Mother: CAN* IC.Valentine Marlcreek
Father:CZ* NW”18 Ch.Jeffry Bright Crystall JW
first show 4,5 month old Buseck Duitsland ex 1 biv nom bis
show fife Mundikat 2 x ex 1

van de hippe kip’s CZ*Dirkje New Montemi

Dirkje is our first British Shorthair in color Blue Van with super dark orange eye color.
she was born in Czech Republic with Linda we are glad she let us have Dirkje.
Father CZ*Matthew Briraspberry British shorthair (carry longhair) Blue Van
Mother CZ Bonnie New Montemi British shorthair (Carry Longhair) Lilac Van
Dirkje love to Cuddle and Hugg You so sweet girl she is our first british shorthair (Carry also longhair).
she will be tested when she is 1 year old.

Father British shorthair Matthew Briraspberry
Mother British shorthair Bonnie New Montemi
CZ*Dirkje New Montenmi

van de hippekip’s National Winner’22 IC My Butterfly New Nairobi Junior Winner

We are so thankfull to Margaret for this absolute beautiful Ragdoll girl from her dream litter everytime you look at her you she the real Beauty she is a princess in Seal Bicolor and i’m so happy with her.
Father Junior Winner N*Diadem’s Rocky the Lonely Seal Bicolor
Mother PL*My Butterfly Barcelona Blue Bicolor.
7 times she was on show and 7 x Biv en 6x BIS so proud.

Father Junior Winner N*Diadem’s Rocky the Lonely
Mother PL*My Butterfly Barcelona

Junior Winner PL*My Butterfly New Nairobi

to day show 2 times BIS

1 day show 2 times BIS
And Also Best in Category and BOB 3
and BIS in Germany
Junior Winner Certificate

van de hippe kip’s Valentino Lalli Doll *PL

Valentino the son of two beautifull parents
HU*Mirrumkitty Hellboy the father and mother
NaNa Lalli Doll *PL is living with us he will be the future King
We thank Agatha for trusting Valentino to us.
He is a blue bicolor boy very sweet character.

Father HU* Mirrumkitty Hellboy
Mother NaNa Lalli Doll *PL

Eerste show Felikat De Lier 3 en 4-7-2021 2x EX 1
Valentino had het goed gedaan Hij was de beste Junior Male van dag 1 en ook van dag
verloor de Biv van onze Junior poes Griet.
10-7-2021 duitsland Gross Zimmren 2x Ex 2
verloor van onze Piko

NL*Griet van de hippe kip

Griet born in a litter of 5 in our Cattery on 4-10-2020
girl Ragdoll blue bicolor RAG a 03.
Father: Junior Winner PL* Yahoo Ragbritta
Mother: ES* Capricio Dolls Bess of Summertime
Griet is a verry big girl with beautifull blue eyes and good profile.
also nice coat and strong build. She will stay in our Cattery and be
are future queen. she has real ragdoll character very relaxed.
if she is old enough she will be tested. We hope to have real beautifull baby’s from her

Ragdoll Father Junior Winner Yahoo Ragbritta*PL
Ragdoll seal bicolor Mother ES*Capriccio Dolls Bess of summertime
3-7-2021 de eerste show voor griet in Fife Felikat de Lier Fantastische resultaten haar eerste show weekend beide dagen
2X Ex 1 ,2X Biv over All ,2X de nominatie BIS en won ook 2X BIS en beste Junior zo trots op mijn eigen fok.
samen met haar broer Piko en zus Fay werden ze ook beste nest 2X BIS

10-7-2021 Duitsland Gross Zimmren Fife show Griet was 2X de beste junior ragdoll female verloor 2X de biv aan haar broer Piko