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van de hippe kip’s Valentino Lalli Doll *PL

Valentino the son of two beautifull parents
HU*Mirrumkitty Hellboy the father and mother
NaNa Lalli Doll *PL is living with us he will be the future King
We thank Agatha for trusting Valentino to us.
He is a blue bicolor boy very sweet character.

Father HU* Mirrumkitty Hellboy
Mother NaNa Lalli Doll *PL

Eerste show Felikat De Lier 3 en 4-7-2021 2x EX 1
Valentino had het goed gedaan Hij was de beste Junior Male van dag 1 en ook van dag
verloor de Biv van onze Junior poes Griet.
10-7-2021 duitsland Gross Zimmren 2x Ex 2
verloor van onze Piko

NL* Fay van de hippe kip

Fay ragdoll girl is born in our cattery on 4-10-2020 in a litter of 5.
Father Junior Winner Yahoo Ragbritta *PL
Mother ES* Capriccio Dolls Bess of Summertime
Fay has a super character and always wants to lie on top of you to cuddle ,she has that
from her father. She is also very playful just like her mother.
Fay is friends with all cats and dogs especially with Jona the dachshund
so nice to see them playing and cuddling together. Fay has perfect bicolor markings.
Before we plan a litter with her she is still being tested on DNA, Fiv, Felv
en echo HCM, PKD en Cin

Ragdoll Father Junior Winner Yahoo Ragbritta *PL
Ragdoll Mother ES* Capriccio Dolls Bess of Summertime

NL*RarriJackson van de hippe kip

RarruJackson is are Bicolor black silver tabby spotted orange eyed.
he has big round eyes good profil ear set an cin.
with big round head. He like to be with my daugter all day cuddle and playing .purring and give lots of huggs.
his coat could be a bit longer and his eyes more orange but he is a great male.

NL*Griet van de hippe kip

Griet born in a litter of 5 in our Cattery on 4-10-2020
girl Ragdoll blue bicolor RAG a 03.
Father: Junior Winner PL* Yahoo Ragbritta
Mother: ES* Capricio Dolls Bess of Summertime
Griet is a verry big girl with beautifull blue eyes and good profile.
also nice coat and strong build. She will stay in our Cattery and be
are future queen. she has real ragdoll character very relaxed.
if she is old enough she will be tested. We hope to have real beautifull baby’s from her

Ragdoll Father Junior Winner Yahoo Ragbritta*PL
Ragdoll seal bicolor Mother ES*Capriccio Dolls Bess of summertime
3-7-2021 de eerste show voor griet in Fife Felikat de Lier Fantastische resultaten haar eerste show weekend beide dagen
2X Ex 1 ,2X Biv over All ,2X de nominatie BIS en won ook 2X BIS en beste Junior zo trots op mijn eigen fok.
samen met haar broer Piko en zus Fay werden ze ook beste nest 2X BIS

10-7-2021 Duitsland Gross Zimmren Fife show Griet was 2X de beste junior ragdoll female verloor 2X de biv aan haar broer Piko

NL* Piko van de hippe kip

Piko a beautifull sweet looking guy born in our Cattery
4-10-2020 brother of Griet and Fay van de hippe kip
Ragdoll boy blue bicolor RAG a 03
Father: Junior Winner PL* Yahoo Ragbritta
Mother: ES* Capriccio Dolls Bess of Summertime
I must keep this boy he looks to sweet with his fluffy coat
very good blue eyes and profile he will be our future King.

Ragdoll Father Junior Winner Yahoo Ragbritta *PL
Ragdoll mother ES* Capriccio Dolls Bess of Summertime
Future Ragdoll King NL*Piko van de hippe kip
3 en 4-7-2021 Best nest BIS won hij samen met zijn zusjes griet en Fay zelf verloor hij van valentino deze dag en was 2x Exl2.
Op 10-7-2021 in Gross Zimmren Duitsland was het anders om Piko had 2 x EXL 1 won 2 X de Biv en kreeg de nominatie voor Bis deze verloor hij van een mooie Heilige Birmaan.