NL*van de Hippe kip Mercedes

Mercedes Seal Mitted Ragdoll girl stay in the Cattery i think she is special and have a great look.
exited to follow her grow. the only mitted girl in the Cattery
Mother: My Butterfly New Nairobi Junior Winner
Father: Champion My Epic Endless Love
if she is old enough she will be tested.

Mother My Butterfly new Nairobi Junior Winner
Father Champion My Epic Endless Love
Mercedes seal Mitted like her father but with the expresion off her mom
My Girl Van de Hippe Kip Mercedes seal mitted

* Show

first show Colchester England 2 x exl 1 and BIV over all

BIV over All

Court Saint Etienne Belgie 2x exl 1 2x BIV over All 2X NOM BIS and BIS

Chomutov Tsjechie 2 x nom bis and 1 x BIS

Kloten Switserland 2x NOM BIS

  • Referenties

    • Hello family. Let me know that we have such a nice dog he is sweet, smart, and just super. greetings from Wehl from Dorus and owners

    • Our dachshund is really such a nice dog. Loosely exhausted listens super well to the hunting flute with the big dogs, he is not inferior to them and is not afraid of the devil. He can also do tricks.

    • Otje from the hip chicken renamed to boris is really a super animal.

    • Thank you for my buddy.

    • We were really great helped by Van de Hippe Kip. We are therefore very happy with the Ragdoll that we bought. Everything taken care of to perfection. Keep it up!

    • We are very happy that we have bought our new kittens through Van de Hippe Kip. Everything arranged well. We will certainly recommend Van de Hippe Kip to others.