The Dachshund is originally a hunting dog but also a very good companion dog. All Dachshund variants are continue all cheerful, independent, quirky, alert, active, courageous,lama and opinionated dog. You need clear rules becaue they are cocky and by setters. Dachshunds are also affectionate and like people. The shorthair dachshund is gentle, attached to his family but strangers what reluctant. Also the Dachshund watch and will bark at danger. If you have small pets such a bird and rodent you have to be careful it is a hunting dog and a Dachshund is smart enough to get a Guinea pig playcage open. Keep it out of his range. A Dachshund can cope well with cats as he grows up with them. You must hold the Dachshund on a leash he can be walk off if he smells something or sees something racing by. It is often not easy to call him bag. A well-trained Dachshund can run loose but Always stay alert especially near roads! Dachshunds learn this if they are properly taught. As dachshund from childhood accustomed to children they can cope well with them. However it must take into cinsideration that children not go around with the Dachshund lugging or drop because of there long back are Dachshunds vulnerable to picking up wrong. The coat of the short hair Dachshund is very easy they molt almost not. It is important to keep the Dachshunt slim. Overweight charge. Games the Dachshund also find fun as throwing with a ball and floss rope. Don’t let him  running too much behind bouncing balls, the strange spins can burden the dog. Except walking and playing you can also play research games with your Dachshunt.And of course Dachshunts are also suitable for hunting training.

Socialization and education
As with all dogs is a good socialization very important. The breeder should be already doing it. Let your pup get used to all kinds of people and animals and new things. Pay extra attention to dealing with children and strangers. At the socialization with other dogs you must of course be careful your Dachshunt puppy doesnt wrap over. But also with larger dogs he must learn to deal with. Find quiet, obedient dogs. Optionally you can first take the pup on your arm and go by the knees so that the dogs can smell each other. Make sure your puppy also gets enough rest to all the new experiences. In the education it is impotant that you consistenly and clear. The Dachshund is opinionated and tenacious and often know exactly how he should get his way. Don’t let entice charms blind your eye to unwanted behavior! Quite excited rewards works well to teach him what you want him to do.  Dachshunds are fast learners especialy the shorthair,but prolonged exercise they quickly find boring. If you know how you can motivate your Dachshund and what for him  a real reward is you can learn him everything, but don’t expect strict obedience. Teach you puppy to be alone and slowly build it up. Also teach him to stop barking if you say so. Learning come here need extra attention. For example go with him to a puppy course there he learns to know other dogs and to watch you and you will learn how you bring something to the dog. In addition it is good for the bond between yoy and your dog to work. Details of the Dachshund
*Dachshund search much eye contact with people and can gauge how their mood is.
*Please note that the Dachshund is mart, funny, quirky and independent and therefore not the mot obedient dog.
*Dachshund are big dogs in small size,keep that in mind a boss. They can to drive their sentence clowning around and winds you quickly to the finger

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    • Hello family. Let me know that we have such a nice dog he is sweet, smart, and just super. greetings from Wehl from Dorus and owners

    • Our dachshund is really such a nice dog. Loosely exhausted listens super well to the hunting flute with the big dogs, he is not inferior to them and is not afraid of the devil. He can also do tricks.

    • Otje from the hip chicken renamed to boris is really a super animal.

    • Thank you for my buddy.

    • We were really great helped by Van de Hippe Kip. We are therefore very happy with the Ragdoll that we bought. Everything taken care of to perfection. Keep it up!

    • We are very happy that we have bought our new kittens through Van de Hippe Kip. Everything arranged well. We will certainly recommend Van de Hippe Kip to others.