Welcome at Van de Hippe Kip Kennel and Cattery

Our Cattery is located in the outkirts of the village of Mariahout. We are a family with 2 children who also like and love animals. Throughout our lives we have dogs,cats and other pets, and are a small hobby breeder. Beacause there is now a legal diploma since june 2014 professional competence is required for breeding and selling of pet animals. A year long i have been to the groenhorst college Barneveld and got my diploma in may 2015 qualification file 22236. And i am registered at the chamber of commerce and ministry of economic affairs. Also i have an intership at a dog and cats guest house and a vetenarian. Since i have my degree cattery van de hippe kip  have extensive pedigree cats the Ragdoll and the Highland fold/Highland straight or Scottish fold/ Scottish straight longhair. Also we have sometimes a litter Dachshund puppy. See under kennel tab.All our breeding and pure-bred breeding animals are DNA tested for hereditary defects and life with us in the family. Cats can through a cat hatch to the outside in our catrun(the cats garden). Also for the dachshund we have a large pout outside where they can play and romp. All test results and pedigree in seeing when visithing our cattery. We wish you much viewing pleasure on our website on behalf of Maurice en Yvonne and maybe see you at cattery of the fashionable chicken, Read more under tab van de hippe kip

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  • We zijn echt geweldig geholpen door Van de Hippe Kip. We zijn dan ook super blij met de Ragdoll die we gekocht hebben. Alles tot in de puntjes verzorgd. Ga zo door!

    Yvonne van der Aa uit Mariahout
  • Wij zijn enorm blij dat we via Van de Hippe Kip onze nieuwe ragdoll hebben gekocht. Alles goed geregeld. We zullen Van de Hippe Kip zeker aanbevelen bij anderen.

    Pietje Jansen uit Aarle-Rixtel