Highland fold/straight

The Highlandfold are quiet and sweet cats that can easily adept to new situations. They are peace-loving, friendly and easy to educate. Also they like to be near people without being intrusive. To other cats and dogs they are social and not dominant. The breed is very soft and cuddly and thereby pleasant company. They love family live. They are calmly with a soft voice and napping often as they be left alone for a while. In addition they can also be active and playing a lot. They are good hunters. Crazy puff of the Highlandfolds is that they sometimes adopt very peculair postures when they feel at ease, such as sitting up with raied legs or sleeping in a weird attitude. The chubby, funny Highlandfold or Highlandstraight alo called Scottishfold or Scottishstraight long hair. The Highland or Scottish fold is no human culture result. Everything about this cat is natural, her thick legs, full cheeks and ball round eyes are innate even her cuddly ears from which they hang, her unusual appearance. They enriched the cat world with a particular accent. The Highland fold is descended from the Scottish fold as the name suggests the breed originated in scotland. Around1961 the fold ear cat discovered by a local shepherd.The breed is still quite rare in Europe. The body of a Highland is medium sized and muscular. The leg are in good relationship with the body robust and round. The weight is between 2,5 an 6 kilos. They feature a smooth tail on average of length. The Scottish have a short coat and the Highland (scottih longhair) a half long-haired coat. The Fold has curved hanging ears and the straight, straight ears. The coat of the Highlandfold/Highlandstraight requires some maintenance. They should certainly be combed weekly. During the moulting period should be combed the wooly coat more often in order to remove excess hair. All coat colours are allowed except chocolate, lilac, and the Siamese pattern. The folded ears are only visible after 3 to 4 weeks and the backbone of te fold-over only after 5 or 6 weeks.The ears have no more care to other cats.

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