Van de hippe kip

We would like to introduce you to our pets. In cattery van de hippe kip we have different cat breeds including the Ragdoll, Highlandfold, Highlandstraight, Scottishfold, Scottishstraight longhair a Norwegian forestcat/persiancat and a european shorthair. In the colours: White, Silvershaded, red lynx point, Blue point mitted, Seal point, Red bicolor. Seal tortie lynx point, Blue tortie lynx point, Bicolor cream and white and bicolor red and white. You can view our females and males under tab cattery.

our dogs , Dachshund see under tab kennel. Occasional we get a litter of pups in the colours black an tan, choco an tan, silvertiger, chocotiger. The pups are born in the livingroom and grow there as well. Also we have two ferrets and our daughter has a shetland pony and 4 color mice. Its a friendly bunch here in house.

In cattery van de hippe kip all animals much cuddled by ourselves, the kids and their friend, nephews and niece. The kittens are also born in the living room and grow there, so we Always have whole social puppy and kittens who are already accustomed, think of vacuuming,cuddling see other animals,lot of people and kids and all homely sounds. We Always have cats without pedigree since 2014 we changed to cats with peddigree and have chosen for the Ragdoll and the in Europe still rare common Highlandfold,Highlandstraight ore now as Scottishfold. Scottishstraight longhair. Fold means folded ears and straight means straight ears. This are two exceptionally sweet and social cat breeds with a high huggable hence thats why we have chosen for these two breeds. At this moment we have still a few cat without pedigree this we can not put away we are here attached to them and specialy the children. All kittens that we wil get in the future purchases with pedigree. Health, character and appearance we also find important. Thats why all our breeding animal tested for hereditary defects and they are only covered by DNA,Fiv, Felv and bloodtype known males. The kittens and puppy’s are sold with a standard sales contract. Read more by tab cattey information. Feel free to come make knowledge whit our cats you can also call,whatsapp or mail. Kind regards Yvonne

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  • We zijn echt geweldig geholpen door Van de Hippe Kip. We zijn dan ook super blij met de Ragdoll die we gekocht hebben. Alles tot in de puntjes verzorgd. Ga zo door!

    Yvonne van der Aa uit Mariahout
  • Wij zijn enorm blij dat we via Van de Hippe Kip onze nieuwe ragdoll hebben gekocht. Alles goed geregeld. We zullen Van de Hippe Kip zeker aanbevelen bij anderen.

    Pietje Jansen uit Aarle-Rixtel